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I created this blog to talk about technology and video games that are worth my time.


I became a developer because I love technology. I will talk about programming languages, gadgets, tips and free/libre software. I may do tutorials but they will most likely stay in French since most documentation and tutorials are already in English.

Video games

I like to discover video games. I stream them often and upload the stories on Youtube and Peertube.

I don't think I will translate in English this kinds of posts but just in case, I will use 1 to 5 🎮 to grade games but even 1🎮 will be above the average. Maybe I'll use 🍅 when I disliked the game.


Obviously this is still my place, it will evolve with my desires and discoveries.

If you don't like technical stuffs or self hosting, I'm letting you here. Hopefully see you soon on an other article or the Fediverse.

Technical choices

We start immediately with the technical choices I've maid to host this website.


It's been multiples years already that I'm using Yunohost and it is pure bliss. We follow the tutorial and it “just work”. There are a lot of apps to choose from and before installing, any we can know if it is well integrated inside Yunohost, in a working state and maintained. I know it is more known in the French community but they do a lot of efforts to have all of their publication in both French and English, so you should try it.


Multiples things directed me toward Grav instead of an other CMS, in no particular order:

Outside the Fediverse?

So if you don't know what the Fediverse is it would require an article for itself… so here is not the right place to talk about it. Just know the federated network is constituted with multiples types of website: microblogging (Mastodon/Pleroma), video (Peertube), image (Pixelfed), audio (Funkwhale), blog (Plume/Write freely)… For more infos I suggest you this video created with Mastodon as an example, to expand on it this wiki (in French) from a service host, or this video from the user point of view of the interactions between multiples websites.

Now that I spent too much time on the explanations of what is the Fediverse, why did I choose Grav instead of a federated blog like Plume? I did this choice because those inside the Fediverse are not as mature as the others and are not as well integrated in Yunohost.

Template: Hypertext

I choose the Hypertext template to go against the current Internet norm of doing websites. The trend today is to use complex themes with a lot of CSS and JavaScript. This theme suggest to take the opposing view of this tendency, it achieve being smallest, lighter and faster. That is what brutalist design is promoting. Even before choosing this theme I decided to not have a comment section on this website but putting a link to the Fediverse announcement. This way you can comment with your Fediverse account instead of registering on yet another blog.

Theme close to Mastodon

This point is really simple: I'm in the “dark theme” team but I'm not an artist. So I copied a beautiful theme, while keeping the minimalist template's philosophy.


To prevent you from creating an account just to comment on my blog, I invite you to comment this post on its Fediverse announcement.

PS: Syndication

You can subscribe to the RSS, Atom, or JSON flux.

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